Training and Workshops

Our experts have demonstrated evidence in conducting workshops on a wide variety of themes across target groups and across hierarchical levels within organizations. We conduct functional as well as leadership workshops across job levels. Be it visioning workshops or theme-based focus group workshops, you can count on our expertise to maximize your gains for every dollar spent.

Leadership Training: Directed at Promoters, Directors and Deans of educational institutions, LemonBridge engages in creating a robust platform for visioning exercises. The gap that otherwise exists between the businessman promoter and the academic director is plugged by fleshing out commonalities and by signing them up for a common goal.

Our leadership training also entails two day hands-on function-focused exercises for the leaders. LemonBridge’s trainings are geared towards answering questions like:

  • How to visualize the future of the institution?
  • How to brand the institution and set it apart from competition?
  • How does the top leadership lead by example?
  • How does the leadership keep the faculty and non-teaching staff motivated?
  • How should leaders inspire awe amongst their stakeholders?
  • How to foresee if there is a need for process improvement and where?

Faculty Reskilling: Faculty members are the backbone on which an institution holds itself up. It is important to reskill them from time to time. But why? We live in a rapidly changing world. Paradigm shifts have become as common as blinking of eyes. A paradigm today, obsolete tomorrow – has become the order of the day. Faculty members are to be on top of the ever evolving business trends and impart education that is rooted in rigor and flavored with contemporariness. Pedagogical methods need to continuously change and evolve. What seemed a good pedagogical method last year might not be well received in the next. LemonBridge has the expertise to work with your faculty members, understand their key strengths and customize their skilling requirement. LemonBridge’s faculty reskilling training can help the teachers of today be the torchbearers of tomorrow.

 Staff Training: Non-teaching staff do not have an existence beyond their routine operations. And yet they play a very powerful role in making or marring an institution’s brand. Imagine, a worked up receptionist who welcomes a parent; or an overworked career counselor counseling a prospective student; or the arrogant secretary who refuses the student time with the director; or a busy accountant waving off an innocuous query from a student; or a lab assistant who refuses to assist; or a security guard screening out prospective joinees at the gate. Every single individual in the institute is responsible for its growth and upkeep. Unfortunately, the non-teaching staff assume that it is the responsibility of the teaching staff to attract and grow the institute.

LemonBridge’s staff training programs are aimed at creating a unique sense of ownership among staff members and in the long run a sense of fulfillment. A staff member who owns a piece of the institute’s brand can be a bigger brand ambassador than all the ex-students put together.

Collaborative Workshops: In the past LemonBridge experts have collaborated with some reputed B-Schools in conducting joint workshops on contemporary themes. All our experts work at the conjunction of industry and academia. So it goes without saying that not only are we competent in delivering quality contemporaneous workshops, we are also masters in driving rigor into all that we deliver.

If you have a theme  and audience in mind, LemonBridge can help you with the workshop content and delivery. LemonBridge experts are a rare combination of professionals who have excelled in industry and academia alike. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge and insights into the operating principles of industry and align those principles in academic curricula to bring the much needed contemporariness in education.