Teacher Training and Development Programme

Who should participate?

  1. School Principals and Teachers
  2. Continuing Learners and Returning Learners

Key Objectives:

  1. Learn various contemporary pedagogical approaches.
  2. Learn how to creatively integrate various available technologies with classroom student engagement.
  3. Enhance the  professional growth of the participants.
  4. Learn how to be a life learning learner and how to continuously upgrade knowledge stock.
  5. Understand the education quality framework adopted by various nations.

Location: Both offshore (in Finland) and onshore (in client school).

Duration: 3 days – 10 days.

Delivery Format: Contact Classes, Collaborative Learning, Immersive Workshops, Digital Diary Notes.

Course Instructors: Education experts from Finland.

For more information about this course please write to Subhangi.Parekh@lemonbridge.org.