Student Visits to Europe

We organize visits for students to study locations across Europe through our collaboration partners and Universities. Visits are classified in three ways:

  1. Student Exchange Programme
  2. Familiarization and Immersion Visits
  3. University Identification Visits


Key Objectives: 

  1. Offer exposure to host country’s culture and education system.
  2. Acquaint students with student life in the host country.
  3. Acquire first hand experience of innovative learning environments adopted by schools in host country.
  4. Meet, socialize and build relations with peer students from the host country.
  5. Study in host country school for a pre-fixed duration to complete the immersion process.
  6. Visit Universities and browse through bachelors, masters and doctoral programmes and if interested discuss possibilities of securing a study place in a University of choice.
  7. Meet education experts and discuss study programme and career opportunities.


Duration: 5 days to 28 days

We also organize visits to Middle East and South East Asian countries on demand.

For more information about our visit  programmes please write to