Who should study?

  1. Industry Professionals
  2. Current B-School Students
  3. Aspiring B-School Students
  4. Government officials with planning related roles
  5. General strategy enthusiasts

About the Course

Do business jargons like SWOT Analysis, PEST Analysis, Value Chain, Blue Ocean Strategy, Portfolio Analysis excite you? Are you intrigued by these terms and what they mean? In your current profession are you required to visualize the future before taking decisions? With the current resources at your disposal are you able to foresee how future would look like? This course is especially meant for those that wish to build a visionary outlook for their businesses. The course will empower you to be able to see upcoming business trends, visualize changes impacting you due to the dynamic business environment, read your industry and global changes well ahead in time, equip yourself with risk mitigation capabilities and lead industry and economic changes from the front.

Duration: 20 days

Topics Covered: Fundamentals of Strategy, Contemporary Strategy Models and Frameworks, Corporate Strategies (mergers and acquisitions, diversification, JVs, global entry strategies, etc), Strategy Execution, Managing Strategic Innovation, Corporate Governance and Strategy, Strategic Leadership.

Location: Currently offered in Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad.

Course Format: 60% classroom engagement and 40% project-based learning (including peer learning, collaborative learning and practical assignments).

Class size: 15 participants per batch.

Instructors: Industry specialists with top notch professional and academic credentials.

Certification: A joint Certificate from LemonBridge and Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS).

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