Research is a key input that goes into building your thought leadership position – whether you are a corporate or an academic institution. Research helps you generate hitherto unforeseen insights and therefore build a sustainable competitive advantage. An organization that roots its services in research is not only able to quickly customize solutions for its clients, but also charge a premium for such solutions. Today, clients are willing to pay a premium for services that help them transform their businesses. A solution sans research is much like a commodity and can be replicated by competitors in no time.

There is a deluge of information on the internet. Only a seasoned researcher can find the right information in real quick time without getting entangled in the web of data. Finding the right information is of no use unless there is a value-add to it through analysis and insights. Whether you are an organization having 10 or 10000 employees, it makes sense to outsource your non-core research work and be assured of over 40% cost savings.

LemonBridge has a huge panel of doctorates across disciplines and you can be assured of quality research inputs at less than fraction of the time that you otherwise earmarked for your research work.

Some verticals that we currently cater to are (though not limited to):

Business Research – Company Profiling, Competitor Intelligence.

Web Research – Opinion Mapping, Trend Analysis, Excerpting Leader Speak, Trawling   Competitor Activities, Social Media Monitoring.

Market Research – Qualitative/Quantitative Market Research Services, Case Studies, Market Research Surveys (Online/On-field), Data Analysis, Report Writing.

Our researchers have exposure to and experience in various fields like Pharmaceutical Research, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Law, Psychology, Philosophy, Chemistry, Innovation Research, Financial Research, Education Research, Environmental Engineering, Intellectual Property Rights, etc. You may write to us with your specific need and we will promptly back to you with a detailed note on our expertise.