Partner with us

Calling all international Edutech and education service providers!

If you have a Solution or a Service or a Technology that you feel could gainĀ  from the vast Indian market you are of interest to us.

We have a deep working relationship with all our partners. We proactively take ownership of our partners’ solutions and curate a market for them in India from the ground up. We are here for the long term and believe in partners that wish to build niche markets alongside us.

For some edutech solutions that we are actively promoting in India there is no existing market. However, we believe in the potential of the products that we are promoting and therefore have taken a long term position on them. Through our consistent business development efforts we intend to bring about a paradigmatic shift in the market and create an opening for our partners’ products. Our partners appreciate our deep commitment and our dogged approach to building newer markets for their products.

For all strategic alliances and partnership related communication please write to