LemonPro is our skill-focused pedagogical framework deployed as an intervention programme in B-Schools. LemonPro offers MBA students a distinct mix of rigor and relevance in business education. LemonPro is a unique programme designed to accelerate the student’s learning-doing curve through rigorous yet fun based specially designed modules. The modules are custom designed by industry experts who believe that fun and excitement form the core of a student’s learning experience.

LemonPro is a year long programme and is conducted only in B-School campuses as part of their curriculum. The programme consists of six exciting modules that are delivered concurrently.

  • Module 1: LemonPro Assignments
  • Module 2: LemonPro Scrap Book
  • Module 3: LemonPro Role Plays
  • Module 4: LemonPro Business Quizzes
  • Module 5: LemonPro¬†Business Games and Simulations
  • Module 6: LemonPro Psychological Profiling and Counseling

On successful completion of all the modules a completion certificate would be issued jointly by LemonBridge and Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS).

Business schools interested in partnering with us for LemonPro Suite may please contact Sunita.Pandey@lemonbridge.org for more details.