International School

Finland is known as the Mecca of K-12 education. Finnish students have consistently ranked at the top in PISA rankings and it is believed that the Finnish K-12 education system has arguably no parallel in the world. Finland’s pedagogical standards are considered very robust and are often said to be the gold standard of student engagement.

For promoters wishing to start a Finnish model school we offer end-to-end services through our Finnish partners.

Our services include (though not limited to):

  1. Curriculum design based on the Finnish model.
  2. Setting up physical learning environments including school design, classroom design, play area design.
  3. Offering support in physical and digital infrastructure provisioning.
  4. Integrating disparate school management systems into one seamless SMS.
  5. Leadership training for Promoters and Educators both in India and Europe.
  6. Intensive training for teachers and staff.
  7. Custom-designing pedagogical frameworks and implementation training.
  8. Quality assurance and intervention programmes.

You can start your own standalone Finnish model school or explore opportunities with us for a franchisee modeled school.

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