LemonBridge has deep expertise in setting up a governance framework for academia. We work both with established institutions to redefine their governance frameworks, as well as work with ‘yet-to-be-established’ institutions to build a solid governance framework from the ground up.

We operate right from the Visioning level and build the governance framework brick-by-brick. As a part of the framework, we help institutions in:

  • Defining Vision, Mission and Principles.
  • Defining Academic Charter and Strategic Focus.
  • Setting up Quality and Assurance parameters.
  • Setting up Role-Responsibility Matrix across hierarchical levels.
  • Designing Curriculum and Academic Policies.
  • Setting up various committees and their scope of authority/responsibility.
  • Designing a robust organizational decision making flowchart.
  • Providing structure for Review and Continuous Evaluation of Programs.
  • Integrating technology with the governance framework.