Global Innovation Camp for Educators

We organize innovation camps for educators all across Europe through our collaboration partners. All the camps are custom curated depending on client requirements.

Who should participate?

  1. School Promoters
  2. Educationists
  3. School Principals and Teachers

Key Objectives:

  1. Observe different national education systems and familiarize oneself with novel education models.
  2. Learn the creative use of technologies in teaching as well as in managing schools.
  3. Understand the education quality framework adopted by various nations.
  4. Get acquainted with various pedagogical approaches.
  5. Learn from the leaders of education on improving school branding.

Duration: 4 days – 15 days.

Camp Format: Workshops in host country, Visits to educational institutions, Mini-immersion programmes, Seminars, One-on-one meetings with education experts.

For more information about this camp please write to