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Finland is known as the Mecca of K-12 education. Finnish students have consistently ranked at the top in PISA rankings and it is believed that there is no parallel to the Finnish K-12 education system. Finland’s pedagogical standards are considered very robust and are often said to be the gold standard of student engagement. Finnish teachers have a pride of place in the social-professional hierarchy and are considered on par with Doctors and Lawyers.  To become a school teacher in Finland is as tough as becoming a civil servant in India. Finnish teachers take pride in their profession and develop innovative student engagement solutions continuously.

Indian K-12 ecosystem is faulty in the sense that students are made to chase the goals of parents. More often than not, there is a defined career path (and unfortunately the only one in vogue) for every student in India. Students are made to cram for exams and therefore their personal initiative is always stifled. Some new interventions offered by established education players are already available in the market but once again these interventions coerce the students to compete with other students thereby re-imitating the examination process.  Our pattern of education is not good enough to make the student compete with herself based on her strengths. When competition is outward, students indulge in learning processes that are akin to ‘chew and spit’ methodology.  This coupled with the singular goal of first making it to Engineering course and then to MBA has brought in a systemic debilitation in our education system. Students end up greatly influenced by the choices of their peers thereby losing individuality in the process. And come ‘job interviews’ time, the student is completely lost despite all the skill acquisition courses that he/she took during his/her college life.

A student therefore needs to be initiated into understanding self-strengths right from childhood. Finnish education system has successfully demonstrated over five decades that a thinking child turns into a bright professional. Finnish education system discourages studying for examinations. Finnish pedagogy and Finnish education solutions are considered the best interventions in the global K-12 education ecosystem.

At LemonBridge we find that this could be harnessed into an opportunity even while initiating a course correction in our Indian K-12 education. Since Edutech falls in line with our long term plan to bring about a change in our education system, we are working towards becoming the ‘gateway of Finnish education in the emerging markets’ and in doing so we are offering multiple services and solutions.  Do check out our Schools (K-12) offerings for detailed information of our activities.

By Sunita Pandey PhD, Director-Content Services. 

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