Finland at the Top – I


We are living exciting times in Finnish comprehensive education right now. The schools are about start and the teachers are about to start year two of the implementations of the new curriculum. But what is it that makes this curriculum, as we believe, so exceptional? As a consulting teacher for Helsinki Department of Education I played a key role in curriculum development and implementation work in Helsinki.

In a series of three posts I will provide an overview of some of the key elements that makes Finnish education exceptional.

Seven Pervasive Skills Goals

The ethos of the whole curriculum is based on seven pervasive skill areas:

  1. Thinking Skills and Learning to Learn
    2. Cultural Knowledge, Collaboration and Expression
    3. Everyday Life Skills
    4. Multi-Literacy
    5. IT Literacy
    6. Entrepreneurship and Working Life Skills
    7. Participation, Active Citizenship and Sustainable Future
    Source: Finnish National Core curriculum for Basic Education

These pervasive skill areas are the Finnish versions of the key skills that our youth will need in the future, the 21st century skills, if you may. Everything we do with our students in classrooms and other learning environments should be based on practicing and learning these skills.

By Petteri Elo, Principal Consultant

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