Education: Its True Scope – IV

This is the final blog of my blog series.

While the bridge is being built, we cannot keep waiting to deliver our goods to the other side of the bank. Some of us need to get things done. But it is unwise to jump into such a turbulent river without life jackets, swimming aids or a boat. Our unique certificate programmes meant for everyone between and including MBA aspirants and industry professionals are meant to equip students with practical real world business skills that traditional B-schools cannot provide. These programmes will be of immense supplemental value to the students in their professional careers. These skills are a must for anyone to prosper in a harshly competitive world, particularly at a time when digital technologies are transforming our entire economic landscape. While we should strive for digital innovation that is more human-friendly in the long-term, they can be used to enhance the teaching-learning procedure. LemonBridge’s offerings like TestPerfector, EduTech etc., unleash the power of technology in higher education.

At this juncture, I come back to where I began. What are the values that we should teach? My own view is that the values we teach must be free of our own personal biases and experiences and must be directed towards the collective good of humanity. For this to happen, we should all give serious thought to the meaning of life and strive for the ultimate goal – Create Paradise on Earth.

By Guduri Harsha, Research Intern, LemonBridge

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