Education: Its True Scope – III

This is the third of my four part blog.

We need education systems that have some relevance to the neurology and psychology of children and not to industrial age values like time-tables and marks which are analogous to schedules, shifts and metrics in the modern corporate work world. Our brains were not wired to learn this way. True that capitalism eliminated famine, plague and war (and for that matter, it has also destroyed the family and the community). The argument is not against fitting into the real world. The argument is to redesign the way we fit in and live in the real world and the need to do this is alarmingly being felt across the globe now.

For this to happen we need to redesign our education system from the ground up. The river we are about to cross is so turbulent that it needs passionate and dedicated builders with building blocks so strong and materials infallible that the bridge to be built and the foundations to be laid simply cannot collapse. LemonBridge is ready to train such builders and provide the building blocks. LemonBridge’s global pedagogical models and franchisee programmes help to design and setup the learning environment in schools. Our certificate programmes provide the training for all passionate educationists—be it the teachers for specially-abled, from teachers for the early childhood to school principals and administrators.

By Guduri Harsha, Research Intern, LemonBridge

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