Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Who should study?

  1. Current and aspiring teachers of Kindergartens and early childhood education centres.
  2. Early Childhood Educators.

Objectives of the course:

  1. To acquaint the participant with ‘inquiry based’ learning approach to early childhood education.
  2. To acquaint the participant with the formative development phases of the child, for e.g, physical, emotional and social.
  3. To introduce the concept of ‘care-based’ teaching and education for early childhood learners.
  4. To affirm the importance of considerate behavior and empathy towards others.
  5. To recognize the child as a person and commit to the development of the child’s personal well-being.

Duration: 4 months

Delivery Format: Webinars, Virtual Lessons, Seminars and Collaborative Online Work

Course Instructors: Finland based Early Childhood Education Experts

For more information about this course please write to Subhangi.Parekh@lemonbridge.org.