Certificate Programme

Ever wondered why less than 7% of the 4,50,000 MBA graduates that pass out of our 5500 B-schools find employment in the industry? What is wrong with the remaining 93%? Or does the industry have sub-optimal absorption capacity? Are there no jobs in the market? Or is there a skill gap that the B-schools are unable to address?

At LemonBridge, our senior leaders have spent decades working at the conjunction of industry and academia and have a first hand understanding of the need-supply gaps. We feel that every student that enters the B-school system is unique and the right teaching approach helps each one discover his/her true potential.
We realize that B-school education should not be confined to the four walls of the classrooms and that real business education happens where businesses exist.

We have developed hundreds of uniquely crafted projects for every concept of business management and economics. What would take you about a semester’s hard work to get to grips with one subject would just take a couple of hours by following our fun-filled approach. We work with each student individually and help them discover their true talent.

We are offering various certification programmes in association with Assocation of Indian Management Schools (AIMS). Some programmes on offer are:

All our programmes are designed to identify the strength of each student at all levels – personal, institutional and psycho-social. We do not follow standard textbook style of teaching concepts. Our pedagogical model is that of creating real learning experiences through experiments, games and highly exciting projects. Our experiments and projects are customized to play to the strengths of our learners. This helps us create unique learning experiences for every single student that joins our courses.

Write to Sunita.Pandey@lemonbridge.org for any pointed information that you may need.