Certificate Programme in Education for the Specially-abled

Who should study?

  1. Current and aspiring teachers in Schools meant for the Specially-abled.
  2. Early Childhood Educators.
  3. Continuous Learners and Education Enthusiasts with interest in education for the specially-abled.

Objectives of the course:

  1. To acquaint the participant with intensive knowledge of the requirements of a specially-abled learner.
  2. To acquaint the participant with the growth phases of the specially-abled learner, for e.g, physical, emotional and social.
  3. To introduce the relevance of technology in teaching a specially-abled child.
  4. To provide immersive experience in using relevant technology to drive the specially-abled child’s learning process.
  5. To introduce the concept of ‘care-based’ teaching for students  with special needs.
  6. To affirm the importance of considerate behavior and empathy towards others.

Duration: 10 days.

Delivery Format: Webinars, Virtual Lessons, Seminars and Collaborative Online Work.

Course Instructors: Finland based Special Education Experts.

For more information please write to Subhangi.Parekh@lemonbridge.org.